Ocean Freight

FFI provides regular shipping services of Full Container Load, Less than Container load, and special equipment from and to all Egyptian ports.


Air Frieght

FFI handles booking for all kinds of air shipments. Our distinguished reputation enables us to get the most competitive rates.


Inland Trucking

FFI provides inland trucking services from/to all of Egyptian ports & airports, offering competitive rates, fast and high-caliber services.



Fast Freight International provides time-definite customs clearance services for all kinds of import and export shipments at all of the Egyptian ports in.
Fast Freight international integrates storage and warehousing services to create innovative and customized warehousing solutions.
Fast Freight International provides all types of packing (e.g. palatalization, cartons, wooden boxes, and crates), in compliance with the client’s needs and safety rules.
Fast Freight international provides one more unique service which is Cargo Inspection for exporters, importers, or cargo agents. In this service, a detailed analysis is done to products before being shipped and upon arrival to the final client.
Fast Freight International was at the forefront of the freight forwarding companies that provided outsourcing service. In FFI, we delegate one of our experienced employees to work directly at the customer’s company, handling any freight forwarding issues.
Fast Freight International takes full responsibility of all operations of goods shipping, including loading containers, moving to the port of loading, and delivery to the final destination as assigned by shipper.
Fast Freight International offers stuffing services for all types of cargoes. We adopt a systematic approach in all stuffing services to reduce the risk of goods damage and improve delivery time.
Fast Freight Network provides insurance and follow-up services for any filled claim.
Fast Freight international provides logistics requirement and Customer Care services.
Due to the good relationships of Fast Freight International with so many manufactures in Egypt, we decided to establish a Trading Department, which can effectively serve any importer from any country in case of requiring any product(s) from Egypt.

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